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Maria Lopez

Product Operation Coordinator

Maria came to Canada 12 years ago from the Philippines. 

During her residence here in Canada, she has experienced the beauty of nature which was different from the Philippines. 

During her free time, Maria enjoys exploring new hiking areas within BC as she likes to be active and get outdoors as much as she can. 

Most importantly, Maria loves exploring new aspects of adventure and scenery that Canada has to offer. 

Maria came to love tourism when she began to learn the different cultures and heritage of Canada. 

Working at Discover Holidays, she is able to take full advantage of learning and exploring Canada and Alaska, and has made her realize that there are still a lot of other aspects of Canada that she has yet to explore. 

What is your favorite place in Canada?

My favorite place in Canada is Whistler, BC. Whistler is mostly known for its winter wonders but there are also other great activities to do in summer such as ATVing, bungee jumping, and zip lining.

What one thing in Canada should you experience at least once in your life?

If you’re adventurous, you should definitely try Whistler Bungee Jump. It was the most memorable activity I had when I was in Whistler, although it was rather scary at first glance, the freedom I felt from free falling from 160 feet was liberating. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life, but I am glad that I did it.

What is your best travel memory in Canada?

The best travel memory i had was visiting the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. It is a few minutes’ drive from Vancouver and it is one of the most spectacular scenery of flowers you will ever see in BC.

Maria Lopez

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