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The Travel Assurance Fund (TAF) provides a source of compensation when consumers do not receive the travel services they purchased through a BC licensed travel wholesaler or travel agent. All claims must be filed in six months from the date that the travel services were not provided.

Who can claim against the Travel Assurance Fund?Consumers: May be eligible to claim if they booked travel services through a BC licensed travel agent and the travel services were not provided. Consumers must first try to obtain compensation from other sources such as their credit card provider, insurance company and travel agent.

Licensed Agents: May be eligible if they have reimbursed or provided alternate travel services at their own expense to a client who has not received travel services as a result of a business failure by a supplier.

Licensed Travel Wholesalers: May be eligible if they have provided travel services to a client of a BC licensed travel agent after not receiving full payment from the BC licensed travel agent.

What is covered by the Travel Assurance Fund?The TAF is meant to compensate the person who paid for the travel services that were not provided. The TAF only reimburses up to the cost of the original contracted services, and does not cover the cost of alternative or replacement services. The most common example involves the consumer paying a BC licensed agent for travel services that includes transportation or accommodation, and then not receiving the service because of business failure.

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