Stephanie Hood

Marketing Manager

Born in Vancouver and raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Stephanie has long called British Columbia, Canada her home. 

A traveler at heart, she left her small town to explore the UAE, Europe, Asia and beyond, but she always was drawn back to the nature, space and friendliness of Canada. 

Outside of working in tourism, Stephanie loves a good road trip, weekend in Whistler or meal out at a new restaurant. 

If you happen to see her around, she’ll probably be stuffing her face with the city’s best sushi or in line for a nori-topped Japadog. 

What is your favorite place in Canada?

Without a doubt, the gulf islands of BC. I spent every summer of my childhood sailing around from Saltspring to Lasquiti, and each island offers a unique experience. Also, it’s amazing how many gorgeous beaches are hidden around the coast of this country – you don’t have to go far for soft sand or bright blue waters!

What is your best travel memory in Canada?

I was fortunate enough to go on our Snow Train to the Rockies journey onboard VIA Rail, and I have to say it was the most incredible experience. Staying at the Fairmont Mountain Region properties is magical, and I was able to try so many activities from ice climbing to helicopter touring. While summer is great in Canada, I highly suggest taking a train trip in the winter for a true wonderland experience!

Tell us about a special discovery that you've made in Canada.

I've lived in British Columbia my entire life, and yet I hadn't known that there were luxury wilderness resorts here until I started working in tourism. I've had the chance to visit both Farewell Harbour Lodge and Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, and at both properties you really feel like you've discovered a secret and exclusive haven, tucked away in the wild.

Stephanie Hood