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Teresa Puebla

Travel Designer

Originally from Mexico. 

Teresa’s passion for travel started at a very early age when she first laid her eyes on a cruise ship. 

This sparked a lifelong passion for the sea, leading her into 12 years of working on cruise ships and traveling to over 52 countries. 

During this time, she was fortunate to spend two years sailing and visiting places like Alaska, Vancouver, Halifax, St Johns, Quebec and Montreal. 

During her travels, Canada was always one of her favorite destinations in the world, and she feels very lucky to now call it home. 

What is your favorite place in Canada?

Vancouver is truly my favorite place in Canada. It’s natural beauty and surrounding mountains make it one of the best destinations in the world to visit and one of the best places to live. My favorite places to go in the city are the forest and seawall in Stanley Park, where the views from the dramatic coastlines are simply breathtaking year-round.

What is your best travel memory in Canada?

My first visit to Vancouver was onboard a cruise ship, and I will never forget it. The fresh smell of the cool air, the stunning mountain views, the seawall, parks and beaches - I took it all in as I sailed for the first time under the Lion’s Gate Bridge and into the Port of Vancouver. Another great memory I have is my trip onboard the Rocky Mountaineer from Whistler to Vancouver. This trip was spectacular, from the landscape, the food and the commentary along the way.

Tell us about a special discovery that you’ve made in Canada.

The drive from Nanaimo to Tofino. The resort of Tofino is a paradise in itself, but the drive to get there is all part of the experience! Along the winding road you encounter ancient rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, rivers and a dramatic mountain range of snow-capped peaks. I even spotted two grizzly bears right on the side of the road!

Teresa Puebla

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