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3.8 million square miles of adventure await.

As the world's second largest country, the number of places to go in Canada is practically endless. Stretching across 3.8 million square miles and surrounded by three oceans – the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic – it has the longest coastline in the world and the greatest number of lakes. Within, a sparse population peppers ten provinces and three territories, home to cosmpolitan cities, friendly towns, national parks and untouched wilderness. Whether you choose to cross the country by train, road trip through the Maritimes, go bear viewing in British Columbia or beluga whale viewing in Manitoba, our diverse product range offers something for everyone (and everywhere) in Canada. Discover more about each region and what it has to offer below.

Western Canada Vacations

Western Canada Vacations| Western Canada Train Trips

From its rugged Pacific coastline and soaring mountain peaks to its lush rainforests and endless vineyards, British Columbia marks the perfect starting point for a Western Canada vacation. Our team of Canada specialists have journeyed all over this incredible region, expertly turning their knowledge and personal experience into your dream Western Canada Vacation.

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Best Alberta Vacation Packages | Alberta Road Trips and Train Trips

Alberta Vacations

Dreaming of an Alberta Vacation? Where jagged crags rise against an expansive sky, beautiful bears lumber along the road and placid, turquoise lakes reflect towering pines.

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Banff Vacation Packages | Banff Road Trips | Banff Train Trips

Banff Vacation Packages

Planning a Banff vacation? This thriving resort town is cradled among the mountains of Banff National Park and is a perfect base to explore the Canadian Rockies.

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British Columbia Vacation Packages | British Columbia Road Trips

British Columbia Vacations

On a British Columbia vacation you're spoilt for choice, from the rugged Pacific coast and rainforests to the lakes and vineyards of the interior.

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Calgary Vacation Packages | Calgary Train Trips | Calgary Stampede

Calgary Vacation Packages

Set between the foothills of the Rockies and the Canadian prairies, our Calgary vacations offer a wide range of attractions that appeal to visitors interested in history, sport, art, culture and the great outdoors.

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Our Best Canada West Coast Vacation Packages and Road Trips

Canada West Coast Vacation Packages

Vancouver Island & the West Coast of Canada are home to stunning scenery, ample wildlife and an array of luxury wilderness & wildlife lodges.

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Best Canadian Rockies Vacation Packages | Road Trips | Train Trips

Canadian Rockies Vacation Packages

Arguably one of Canada's biggest attractions is Banff, Jasper & Yoho National Parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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Edmonton | Drumheller | Warterton National Park Vacations

Edmonton, Drumheller, Waterton National Park Vacations

Neighboring British Columbia, Alberta’s central region runs along the foothills of the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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Best Jasper Vacation Packages | Jasper Train Trips, Road Trips

Jasper Vacation Packages

A Jasper vacation is a must-do in Western Canada and we recommend at least a two nights to explore everything it has to offer.

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Best Lake Louise Vacations | Road Trips | Train Trips

Lake Louise Vacation Packages

Craving a Lake Louise vacation? Often described as the crown jewel of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the striking turquoise waters of Lake Louise, Alberta, are perhaps the most photographed in all of Canada.

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Best Okanagan Vacations & Road Trips for 2021

Okanagan Vacation Packages

Located in southern BC, the Okanagan region is one of Canada’s warmest and houses over 70 wineries, producing around 95% of the province’s total wine.

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Explore Our Best Selling Vancouver Vacations for 2021

Vancouver Vacation Packages

On any Vancouver vacation, experience breathtaking beauty, fresh mountain air, spectacular scenery and world-class cuisine.

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Best Selling Victoria Vacations

Victoria Vacations

Victoria, located on the south-eastern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is a unique blend of old world charm and new world experiences.

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Whistler Vacations Packages

Whistler Vacation Packages

If you're craving a Whistler vacation, we have the trip for you.

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Central Canada Vacations

Polar Bear Viewing Trips | Central Canada Vacations

Made up of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Central Canada vacations take you through prairie grasslands, lakes, forest and the sub-Arctic tundra. The town of Churchill, Manitoba, is home to the highest concentration of Polar bears in Canada and some of the best wildlife viewing trips in the country. Our experts have experienced these very trips for themselves, so get in touch with any questions.

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Eastern Canada Vacations

Eastern Canada Vacations | Eastern Canada Trip

Connecting the alluring French culture of Montreal with the roaring Niagara Falls in Ontario, an Eastern Canada vacation feels worlds away from the west. Our specialists can help you plan a trip that balances Ontario & Quebec's main highlights with its lesser-known attractions, allowing you to feel like one of the locals whilst enjoying the excitement of a new adventure.

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Algonquin Muskoka Vacations

Algonquin Muskoka Vacations

When you think of Algonquin Provincial Park, you likely think of its wildlife, canoe culture, lake cabins and amazing cuisine.

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Quebec | Eastern Townships | Charlevoix | Gaspe | Self Drive Tours

Eastern Townships, Charlevoix, Gaspe Region Vacations

Beyond Quebec's cities lie boreal forest, gently sloping valleys, one of the world’s longest natural waterways (the Saguenay Fjord) and the Gaspé Peninsula.

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Montreal Vacations

Experience both old-world chic and cutting edge design on our diverse range of Montreal vacations.

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Best Niagara Falls Vacations for 2021

Niagara Falls Vacations

The Niagara Falls region really doesn't need a formal introduction.

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Ontario Vacation | Canada by Design Vacations

Ontario Vacation Packages

Curious what an Ontario vacation could look like? Home to Canada’s capital city, forested national parks, shimmering lakes and the most powerful waterfall in North America, Ontario is a gatehouse to the country.

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Ottawa Vacation for 2021 | Canada by Design Vacations

Ottawa Vacations

Looking for the perfect Ottawa Vacation? Canada’s capital city is renown for its beautiful heritage buildings, political landmarks and exciting events.

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Quebec Vacation Packages

Quebec Vacation Packages

On any Quebec vacation, discover an intriguing mix of old-world European charm and the stunning nature of North America.

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Simply The Best Quebec City Vacations

Quebec City Vacations

Craving a Quebec City vacation? Steeped in 400 years of history and French Canadian culture, Quebec City has a distinctive European atmosphere that visitors simply love.

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Best Toronto Vacations for 2021

Toronto Vacation Packages

On a Toronto vacation, experience the vibrant and metropolitan city that boasts the title of "Canada's New York".

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Atlantic Canada Vacations

Atlantic Canada Vacations | Canadian Maritime Vacations

On an Atlantic Canada vacation to New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island, small villages, nautical history, fresh seafood and coastal scenery are all wrapped into the warmth and charm of the Atlantic Canada community. Our Canada specialists have driven their way around this largely overlooked region, and are ready to help you plan your dream Atlantic itinerary.

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Cabot Trail & Cape Breton Island Vacation Packages

Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Island Vacation Packages

Our Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Island vacation packages will give you the best suggestions for what is possible when you travel through the Atlantic provinces.

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Halifax Vacation Packages 2021

Halifax Vacation Packages

A Halifax vacation doesn't often spring to mind as the place for a city break.

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New Brunswick Vacation Packages | Road Trips

New Brunswick Vacation Packages

The gateway to the Maritimes, New Brunswick differs from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island as it's largely sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean.

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Newfoundland Vacation Packages

Newfoundland and Labrador Vacation Packages

Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada’s most easterly province, best known for its rugged landscapes, icebergs and abundant marine wildlife.

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Nova Scotia Vacation Packages

Nova Scotia Vacation Packages

Wondering what there is to do on a Nova Scotia Vacation? Though not an island, Nova Scotia extends away from mainland Canada such that it is almost entirely surrounded by water and boasts over 120 accessible beaches.

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Prince Edward Island Vacations Packages

Prince Edward Island Vacation Packages

A Prince Edward Island vacation may just be the perfect summer getaway.

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Yukon and Northwest Territories Vacations

Yukon and the Northwest Territories Trips | Canada Vacations

The Yukon and Northwest Territories form Canada’s wild frontier, where immense wilderness, unique wildlife and colorful history come together. Historically home to Inuits, traders and gold prospectors, the landscape certainly is rugged. However, our Canada specialists have conquered this remote region in order to help you plan your ideal Yukon and Northwest Territories Vacation.

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Inuvik Road Trips via the Dempster Highway

Located 2 degrees above the Arctic Circle on the scenic Mackenzie River, Inuvik is an incredible stop on one of the most epic road trips in all of Canada.

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Whitehorse Vacation Packages | Yukon Canada Northern Lights

Whitehorse Vacation Packages | Yukon Canada Northern Lights

Nestled on the banks of the famous Yukon River, Whitehorse is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Canada.

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